Be warned, get familiar with list of banned drugs in India and do not buy/consume them.

Listed below are a list of drugs banned in India as these are very harmful to the human body. Be warned that even if banned by the Government, these are still being manufactured by some companies and sold by the cheat chemist shops as they don't mind reducing the population of India as long as they make money, even illegally, and get rich.

Always check your prescriptions by doctors, drug content at the chemist shops and verify that the prescribed drugs are not listed here.

Single drug preparations (or combinations of)
1. Amidopyrine
2. Astemizole
3. Cisapride
4. Chloral hydrate
5. Chloroform exceeding 0.5% w/w or v/v in pharmaceutical preparations.
6. Dexfenfluramine
7. Dextropropoxyphene
8. Dover's powder and Dover's powder tablets I.P.
9. Fenfluramine
10. Gatifloxacin
11. Human Placenta Extract in topical application for wound healing and injection for pelvic inflammatory diseases.
12. Mepacrine HCl (Quinacrine and its salts) in any dosage form for use for female sterilization or contraception.
13. Methaqualone
14. Methapyriline (and its salts)
15. Nialamide
16. Nimesulide Formulatios In Children Below The Age Of 12 years
17. Penicillin skin/eye ointment
18. Phenacetin
19. Phenformin
20. Phenyl Propanolamine
21. Practolol
22. R-Sibutramine
23. Rimonabant
24. Rofecoxib
25. Rosiglitazone
26. Sibutramine
27. Terfenadine
28. Tegaserod
29. Tetracycline/Oxytetracyline/Demeclocycline liquid oral preparations.
30. Valdecoxib
31. Analgin, Pain Killer
32. Deanxit, combination of Flupenthixol and Melitracen, which has been long banned even in Denmark, its country of origin

Fixed dose combination with any other drug
1. Anabolic steroids with other drugs.
2. Analgin (metamizol) with any other drug.
3. Chloramphenicol with any other drug for internal use.
4. Corticosteroids with any other drug for internal use.
5. Dextropropoxyphene with any other drug except antispasmodics and/or NSAIDs.
6. Ergot with any drug except preparations containing ergotamine, caffeine, analgesics, antihistamines for treatment of migraine.
7. Hydroxyquinolines with any other drug except in preparations for external use.
8. Metoclopramide with other drugs (except with aspirin/paracetamol).
9. Pectin and/or kaolin with any drug which is systematically absorbed from g.i. tract, except for combination of pectin and/or kaolin with drugs not systematically absorbed.
10. Oxyphenbutazone or phenylbutazone with any other drug.
11. Sodium bromide/chloral hydrate with other drugs.

Fixed dose drug combinations of
1. Anthelmintics (except Piperazine) with a Cathartic/Purgative.
2. Antidiarrhoeals containing adsorbants like kaolin, pectin, attapulgite, activated charcoal etc.
3. Antidiarrhoeals containing phthalylsulfathiazole, succinyl sulfathiazole , sulfaguanidine, neomyc in, streptomycin, dihydrostreptomycin.
4. Antihistaminics with Antidiarrhoeals.
5. Antit ubercular drugs with Vitamins (except Isoniazid with Pyridoxine HCl).
6. Atropine and Analgesic-antipyretics.
7. Centrally acting Antitussives with Antihistamines having atropine like activity in expectorants.
8. Essential oils with Alcohol having percentage higher than 20% proof (except preparations given in the I.P.).
9. Estrogen and Progestin (other than oral contraceptives) containing per table t Estrogen more than 50 ug ethinylestradiol (or equivalent) and progestin more than 3 mg of norethisteroneacetate (or equivalent) and, all fixed dose combination injectable preparations containing synthetic estrogen and progesterone.
10. Ethambutol with Isoniazid, except in the following daily doses:
 Isoniazid 200 mg + Ethambutol 600 mg or
 Isoniaizd 300 mg + Ethambutol 800 mg
11. Glycerophosphates and/or other phosphates and/or CNS stimulant in liquid oral tonics.
12. H2 receptor antagonists with Antacids (except those combinations approved by Drugs Controller, India).
13. Iron with Strychnine, Arsenic and Yohimbine.
14. Laxative and/or antispasmodic drugs in enzyme preparations.
15. Liquid oral tonic preparations containing alcohol more than 20% proof.
16. More than one Antihistamine in the same preparation.
17. Penicillins with Sulfonamides.
18. Pyrazinamide with other antitubercular drugs, except that which provide the following daily doses. Rifampicin 450 to 600 mg Isoniazid 30 0 to 400 mg Pyrazinamide 1000 to 1500 mg
19. Salbutamol (or any other bronchodilator) with centrally acting Antitussive and/or an Antihistamine.
20. Sedatives/Hypnotics/Anxiolytics with Analgesic-antipyretics.
21. Streptomycin with penicillin in parenteral preparation.
22. Strychnine and Caffeine in tonics.
23. Tetracyclines with Vitamin C
24. Vitamins with Analgesics/Antiinflammatory drugs.
25. Vitamins with Tranquillisers. 26. Yohimbine and Strychnine with Testosterone and Vitamins.